Thank You Lord for Creating Dogs


God is good and we thank you Lord for creating dogs No matter what your religious identity, after watching this video, your hearth will melt away. Truly, we thank our lord for creating dogs.   God made a dog... " God said, I need somebody who is willing to sit and stay, then roll over with no ego of complain, dressed in hats they don't need and costumes they don't … [Read more...]

World Rabies Day Reminder

Word Rabies Day

It is September 28 again and we are celebrating World Rabies day. It's like, their's a feeling of deja vu in every corner of animal enthusiast. Today, let us find a way to educate our selves about rabies. Don't you know that in every 10 minutes, at least one innocent soul will die from rabies? May it be from Asia or Africa, a little boy or a girl, but it doesn't matter. The … [Read more...]

National Dog Week Celebration – What to do?

National dogs week

Don't you know that this week is the National Dog Week? Fellas! It's National Dogs Week! And to be exact, this is the 87th National Dog Week celebration. Almost a century ago, a war veteran of World War 1 named, Captain Will Judy started this dog revolution that changed how the world perceived dogs. This Military Officer was so touched with the heroism of dogs that lost … [Read more...]

World Rabies Awareness

World rabies awareness

Every last week of September, the world merges as one in fighting rabies. The world rabies awareness is about educating ourselves with knowledge against this deadly plague. Rabies is present all over the world except in Antarctica, but the rabies death toll in Asia and Africa is more than 95%. Once the symptoms of rabies are seen, it is more likely fatal and the prognosis is … [Read more...]

Lethal Diseases of Dogs

Sick dog

Good day mate! Don’t you know that there are many lethal diseases of dogs that can surely harm our four legged canine friends in day to day basis? That’s why, you should always make sure to update the vaccination regimen of your dogs and check the vaccination cards. Unfortunately, many of these common diseases that can inflict our dogs are very contagious and … [Read more...]