World Rabies Awareness

World rabies awareness

Every last week of September, the world merges as one in fighting rabies. The world rabies awareness is about educating ourselves with knowledge against this deadly plague. Rabies is present all over the world except in Antarctica, but the rabies death toll in Asia and Africa is more than 95%. Once the symptoms of rabies are seen, it is more likely fatal and the prognosis is … [Read more...]

Lethal Diseases of Dogs

Sick dog

Good day mate! Don’t you know that there are many lethal diseases of dogs that can surely harm our four legged canine friends in day to day basis? That’s why, you should always make sure to update the vaccination regimen of your dogs and check the vaccination cards. Unfortunately, many of these common diseases that can inflict our dogs are very contagious and … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Eat Seedless Cherries?

Can Dogs Eat Fruit?

Seedless cherries are one of our favorite foods to eat as a human, but can dogs also eat seedless cherries? The good news is that there shouldn't be any problems with feeding your dog a few cherries, as long as they are seedless or you have already removed the seeds from them. While eating grapes can be one of the worst fruits for a dog to eat, as long as your four legged … [Read more...]

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

It happens all the time. You leave the house and your dog is sad and acting like you are never going to return again. Then when you do get back, your dog goes crazy and their tail is wagging all over the place. We all love the experience -- but why do dogs wag their tails anyway? When a dog wags their tail, they are actually using their tail as a way to … [Read more...]

Why Dogs Don’t Like the Rain?

Unhappy Dog

Have you ever wanted to let your dog out in the rain, but before he/she runs out, they stop at the door and look around or are hesitant to go outside? Of course, this happens with many dogs. The common belief is that dogs don't like the rain or are scared of the concept (or thunder that usually comes along with it). While thunder is usually terrifying to dogs, the reason why … [Read more...]