Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews

It’s always important to have some reviews on a product before you start feeding your dog a new brand of food, or even if you are just buying them snacks. Whether you are a new pet owner, or just looking to change your brand of dog food, reviews can go a long way. Take some time to look through the Blue Buffalo dog food reviews below, provided by Petco.

    • Best for allergy prone dogs
        By Luvadog – Aug 10, 2011 – Full review provided by Logo for PETCO PETCO
      I switched to this from canidae lamb an rice and my pitbulls food allergies went away completely. This lamb an rice is awesome no more pink skin and smelly ears. Thank you for this amazing product. Your dog will experience gas for the first couple weeks but will go away once they have adjusted. I switched right over not integrating it with previous food with no adverse reactions besides gas.
    • My 3 dogs don’t care for it
        By GSPchick – Jun 11, 2011 – Full review provided by Logo for PETCO PETCO
      After reviewing the ingredients and reading the reviews, we bought Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food for our 3 German Short haired Pointers for a more natural food. One of our dogs has allergies to a lot of things, so we hoped this could help a bit. Over 2 weeks, we slowly integrated it into their diets.Here’s what we noticed:
      1] They all started to pass gas more frequently and with a horrible odor.
      2] At first, the food was picked through to get to their old brand.
      3] With each passing day, more and more of the food was spit out onto the floor.
      4] They all seem to be looking for something else to eat due to their distaste for Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food.
      5] The good news: dog with the allergies was LESS itchy.So, I then started to purchase a canned version, Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food to integrate into their dry Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food. They ate their food more readily, but their gas increased yet again. It is now to the point where we are tired of the gas, and cleaning up food that is all over the floor…and, are going back to their old, less expensive brand. We always thought our dogs would eat ANYTHING. We were wrong.
    • Best for the Best
        By HumanFriend – Jun 9, 2011 – Full review provided by Logo for PETCO PETCO
      Hey dog people! My Golden had dry flaking skin and ear infections. I was told about Blue Buffalo and gave the Chicken and Brown Rice Puppy food a try. The skin problem healed eighty percent and she still had ear infections, which was also being treated with meds from the vet. I then tried this Lamb and Brown Rice Adult formula and after a short few weeks she is now in perfect health. All her problems went away. Our pets deserve the best foods to live healthy lives. Thank you to all the people who posted their results of this brand to help me find what my Golden really needed.
    • My dogs love Blue!
        By mommias3boys – May 31, 2011 – Full review provided by Logo for PETCO PETCO
      I have a boxer with a sensitive stomach & a couple of cysts under her skin, a beagle with sensitive skin and a boxer/chocolate lab with no health issues. As soon as they were fully transitioned onto blue, the boxers stomach issues passed, and within a week I noticed the beagle not itching as much. I have been using Blue since Jan 2011 (6 mos). The beagle is itch free & the boxer has no more stomach issues & I also noticed that all of her cysts have disappeared. All of the dogs love the taste too.
    • My dog loves Blue!
        By Luvmydoxie – May 31, 2011 – Full review provided by Logo for PETCO PETCO
      My dachshund was being really picky and not eating her old pet food. When I took her to my parents house she tried blue, my parents feed it to their dogs, and she loved it! So I bought some and she has absolutely loved it!! No more picky eater.

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