Are Chicken Bones Bad for Dogs?

For many years, it has been a confusing issue as to whether or not there is such a things as safe chicken bones for dogs. Some people swear that chicken bones will kill your dog, while others admit their pet eats them quite regularly without any difficulty. Like anything your dog eats, you’ll want to ensure they haven’t swallowed too large a piece or are having issues digesting it, but actually uncooked chicken bones can actually be both enjoyable and healthy for your canine, just do not feed them cooked chicken bones if you can help it.

The reason for the drama surrounding chicken bones and your dog, is that cooked chicken bones can be dangerous for them. When cooked chicken bones become very brittle and can therefore splinter when your dog eats them. This can end up cutting their mouths, or worse, their intestines as they attempt to digest the sharp fragments they have swallowed.

Although it is best to not allow your dog to eat cooked chicken bones or to run loose in an area where people have probably left behind the chicken carcass from their meals, your dog will probably be fine. Be attentive and keep an eye on your pet for signs of illness or discomfort, but simply eating a cooked chicken bone is not a reason to go running to your local vet’s office.

Uncooked chicken bones, on the other hand, are very soft and and easily chewed – and dogs really like them. These chicken bones for your dog can actually be beneficial as they can help with build-up on the teeth and with digestive problems. Many owners are leaning toward raw meat diets for their pet, and uncooked chicken bones for dogs is a great way to follow this trend without the expense of red meat.

Although chicken bones are not dangerous in and of themselves, the change in diet could affect your dog. Keep an eye on how they are handling the bones, and if you have any worries, see your vet. Older dogs and dogs with other health issues tend to have the most adverse reactions to chicken bones. Just because they are not something to be avoided, there is still the chance that your pup could not have the stomach to digest the raw bones, either. Just be attentive when you give it a try.