What Do African Dwarf Frogs Eat?

Aquatic frogs such as the African Dwarf Frog can be picky eaters, in my experience.  Their favorite food is bloodworms, which come in a variety of forms including dried, frozen, and puree mix.  Frogs may also eat tiny frog pellets or flake food.

African Dwarf Frogs do not have great vision and find their food mainly by scavenging along the bottom of the tank.  When you first adopt your frog observe his eating habits.  Some frogs may be able to find food more easily than others.  Drop food as near to your frog as you can.

You can put your frog into a small temporary container filled with tank water (I use a solid breeder box that hooks to the inner side of the tank) and feed your frog there.  The container method makes it easier for your frog to find the food and also prevents other tank residents from eating all the food before your frog.  Try this method if your frog is having trouble finding food on the tank bottom.

In the past I have tried feeding flake, frog pellets, and frozen bloodworms.  I’ve had the most success with bloodworms, which the frogs love.  Frozen bloodworms are messy.  They come in half-inch blocks that are way too big to feed frogs alone.  Breaking parts of the frozen bloodworm off is not an easy, pleasant, or clean task, in my opinion.

Recently I was at a local pet shop and the “fish guy” turned me on to a product called Tetra Nature Gel Mix with Bloodworms.  The puree mix comes in individual packets that are for a “single serving,” but I use one packet over the course of a few days.  I fold the top of the pouch over and it keeps.

You squeeze the bloodworm mix into the water and it turns into blobs that sink to the bottom of the tank.  It’s a neat demonstration of liquid densities.  My frog has been able to find it easily on the bottom of the tank and also in the temporary container.  He loves this food!  He sucks it up and then bounces around with energy.

If you are on the hunt for an alternative aquatic frog food I highly recommend Tetra Nature Gel Mix with Bloodworms!