Will Treats Clean My Cat’s Teeth?

Some cat treats are designed for dental health and do help clean your cat’s teeth.  Plaque and tarter buildup on your cat’s teeth can lead to bad breath and tooth decay.  Veterinarians do recommend brushing your cat’s teeth, but frankly, this is pretty tough to do on a regular basis.  Feeding dental treats to your cat is a much easier way to help clean their teeth, although these treats will not take the place of brushing or a professional tooth cleaning by the vet.

Not all cat treats will effectively clean plaque and tartar from the teeth.  Dental cat treats are formulated to be harder and/or specially shaped so that the treats scrape along the teeth.  This scraping motion is what removes the plaque and tartar.  There are also dental health cat foods available.

The brand of dental treats that I have always fed my cats is Feline Greenies.  Feline Greenies come in 5 flavors and my cats have always enjoyed them. 

There are many other highly rated varieties including Wiskas Temptations Dentabites, Pounce Crunchy with Tartar and Plaque Control, Friskies Indoor Crunchy, Whisker Lickin’ Tartar Control, Nylabone Crunchy Munchies, and Petrodex Dental Treats.  You can read reviews on petsmart.com and petco.com.