How to Stop Your Cat’s Nail Quick from Bleeding

Cutting your cat’s nails is a difficult task.  Most cats don’t like having their nails clipped and will struggle.  Occasionally, you may accidentally cut into the quick of the nail, causing bleeding.

The quick is the pink section of your cat’s nail.  You will be able to see it through the semi-translucent nail.  The quick contains nerves and blood vessels, which causes the pink color and sensitivity.  If the quick is cut it may cause yourcat some pain, but this will subside.  When clipping your pet’s nails, you want to make sure not to cut into the sensitive quick, but it is unavoidable at times.

When the quick is cut it will bleed.  The bleeding usually stops within a few minutes, or may go on longer depending how deeply the quick was cut.  There are a few simple ways to stop the bleeding.

1)      A styptic pencil or powder will stop the bleeding.  This is true for small cuts on human skin as well.  Styptic pencils and powder can be purchased at most drug stores or pet stores.  It is good to have on hand if you cut your pet’s nails.  Styptic pencils and powders are inexpensive, ranging from $2 to $8 depending on the size of the container or pencil.

2)      Luckily, there are a few common kitten supplies that will also help to stop the  quick from bleeding.  Baking flour or corn starch can be used as a substitute to styptic pencil or powder.  Pour a small amount of baking flour or corn starch into a bowl and dip your pet’s nail into the bowl.  This should help to stop the bleeding.

If your cat struggles too much for you to safely cut her nails, you can take her to a groomer or your veterinarian to have her nails cut.

Jennifer Kean is a writer and pet-lover who owns two rescue kittens (lifetime cat owner too!) and has a 40 gallon fish tank!