Cats and the weather

During ancient times, people were so dependent on their crops for survival that it didn’t take long for them to assign Cat the power to control the weather and therefore people’s lives and livelihood spin around cats and the weather. Or perhaps these briefs sprung from the cat’s association with witches and the ability to bring about disaster, such as violent storms.

In Java the story about the cats and the weather still exists, to bring on rain, cats are bathed in the pool and this similar practice still exists in Sumatra. Whatever their origins, here are few feline forecasts that have remained popular:

  • A cat sleeping with four paws tucked under itself means cold weather is on the way.

    Cats and the weather
    A cat with its paws tucked under itself during a cold weather
  • If a cat washes behind its ears, it will soon rain.
  • When the pupil of the cat’s eye broadens, it will rain.
  • Cats running around wildly means rain is on its way.
  • Cats clawing a carpet and curtains signify bad weather ahead.
  • A cat sitting with its back to the fire indicates that a cold snap is imminent.
  • A cat sneezing once means rain.
  • Washing a cat will bring rain. (Even today, the Korat, a Thailand cat, is ceremoniously sprinkled with water to ensure enough rain for the crops.)
  • A cat scratching itself against the leg of a table means the weather will soon change.
  • If the tail of a sleeping Calico cat turns to the north or east, a storm is approaching. If it turns to the south or the west, fair weather is ahead.

A Pathologist at University of Missouri, Dr. B. L. Mosley theorized that prior to an electrical storm, when the air is charged with static electricity, dry cat fur attracted dust particles, causing the some cats to commence grooming it self as the weather shift. These maybe a myth to some, but in other parts of the globe, these views remains unchallenged.